GAIA EPICHEIREIN was founded in 2014 as the result of a broad alliance between agricultural cooperative organizations that have teamed up with strategic partners from the banking sector (Piraeus Bank Group via the Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship EXCELIXI S.A.) and the IT sector (NEUROPUBLIC S.A.) sharing a common vision for a more sustainable and competitive national agricultural sector.

In the context of fulfilling its mission, GAIA EPICHEIREIN develops, among other, a coherent set of activities and services that meet the full range of needs of the primary and wider agrifood sector stakeholders.

A basic parameter for the development of the GAIA EPICHEIREIN’s activities and services is the systematic monitoring and coordination with EU policy developments that affect the national primary sector and Greek farmers. Special emphasis is placed on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which is the reference point for all stakeholders of EU’s agrifood sector as well as for national administrations. More specifically, GAIA EPICHEIREIN exhibits significant activity at national level, in the context of both CAP’s pillars: 1st Pillar (direct payments) and the 2nd Pillar (rural development).